The Last Veil

The Diamondback Explorer swung about and commenced its final approach towards the huge, rotating Coriolis station that was Serebrov Terminal. Docking permissions had been given and Andrew was somewhat happy to be back again. It was odd, really. He had never seemed able to stay in civilized space for long. He was one of those […]

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A Trail Of Silver

“Silver to Eafots Cell: Emergency Call. Best speed R/R Line rimward, depart asap, destination en route, confirm comms and wing up!” Andrew nearly fell out of his bunk. He had spent the last day trying to analyze patterns in the stellar makeup of the neighboring Eafots Sector, a sector that had been extensively searched by […]

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From The Heart

The assignment was clear: Scout the Heart and Soul Nebulae for potential forward (or rear) bases of operations. And here he was, sitting in a ramshackle bar trying to gulp down one of these instameals with a greater than usual swallow of Scoontch. The local folk were mostly doing the same, when they were not […]

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Goddess Of Prophecy

They both stood in the docking bay, watching the ship, each of them lost in their own thoughts. It was a comfortable 0.4g and currently the bay was pressurized. The ship’s hull was an obsidian black with several patches of a lighter grey that had the ability to absorb or disperse certain spectra of light. […]

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On Discs And Destiny

They were sitting in a restaurant that specialized in local food and drink. It was a very welcome change with all the prefab foodstuffs that were served in the outer colonies. The food was spicy, well cooked and most importantly fresh. They even had fish. The man waved his Cinnamon Gin tumbler towards his guest […]

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Facts, Not Fiction

The voice of the man was somewhat muffled over the intercom. Still, there was this ever demanding undertone that put her off at times. Sometimes she knew he already had all the answers and was just putting her to a test. And sometimes he left her completely in the dark, and she had no clue […]

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The Ticket

They had met at the outer fringes of the Oort Cloud of the Lalande 30999 system. The yellow-white sun was only one of the many silver dots against the Milky Way. Apart from some chunks of rock and debris nothing out here even hinted at the fact that they were in a solar system. Andrew […]

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