Of Early Days

Galactic Federation Navy
Alpha Quadrant Command

Navy Personnel Administrations File
File ID: FQRes-XXG37116352
SecLevel: Bravo-3
Subject: Assignment Transfer

15/01/3300: PO Gaspurr, Andrew J. promoted to CPO
Transferred to Navy Sector Logistics Command (SLC), Erawate
15/01/3300: Assignment
– establish/invigorate network of local clients and suppliers for the GFN
– revision of existing contracts in terms of monetary and delivery conditions
– revision of quality standards according to Navy Quality Assurance Guidelines 557, 558, 562
– decrease overhead by 7.75%
– meet yearly budget goal of 28bCR
(Assignment head) LCDR Hobbs, Franklin

CPO reviewed industrial client base and proposed a short list of potential suppliers that meet quality standards. Also proposed activation of 7 Navy Reserve staff to handle admin duties. Request of permission forwarded to SLC. CPO also contracted several freelance haulers from Pilots Federation to counter immediate supply shortages. 5 of 8 contractors meet quality standards, 3 involved in various criminal offenses over the last 5 years. CPO ordered to sort them out.

CPO proposed contracts with 3 heavy industry manufacturers, 4 extraction sites, 3 industrial logistics companies. Contracts approved by SLC. Provided CPO with Zorgon Peterson Hauler class spaceship and 6-month hydrogen fuel voucher. CPO performs admirably.

CPO briefed on criminal/dubious background of 3 of his contacts (see above), namely Citizen Masiun, Araan, Citizen Kho, Sanya and Citizen Mesdival, Joaquin. All 3 are filed by FedSec and classified as unreliable by SLC. CPO repeatedly ordered to discontinue cooperation with and business proposals from said individuals. FedSec investigation ongoing.

Annual targets of 3300 met, except (4) overhead decrease, which only yielded 4.38%. CPO awarded Navy Benefits voucher class 4. Leasing contract of Zorgon Peterson Hauler prolonged another 6 months. Assignment targets for 3301 identical to 3300. CPO performs admirably.

02/02/3301 FedSec investigation concluded. CPO assigned special status missiondaje46iifefin88fh5574dff73tubvi3h78vt503hvbh4t573408hvcsafb4twav7vb4ibv44b7

21/02/3301: CPO discharged from service after court-martial on terms of insubordination
Ordered by Federation Navy Command, Navy Personnel Administrations
Executive Officer: PCMDR Krugman, Juri (Order ID# 39724-79FG24299-5134-D)


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