To Find A Friend

The Bureau of the Alioth Independents was near the Nadir Point of the Orbis station. It was where one of its two traffic arms connected the habitation torus with the central docking cylinder. There were shops and markets everywhere as well as commuting services and representative offices of the more important players in the Megrez […]

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Who You Vouch For

It was one of those shopping ‘plexes that was illuminated in all kinds of neon colours: Green, yellow, pink, blue, purble… Together all the lights were dancing all across the area and a multitude of voices, melodies and background noises created a suitable symphony for this consumer madness. The ground port had only recently opened […]

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At The Millerson

Andrew waded through the haze and smoke of the tiny space bar named ‘Millerson’s View’. It smelled of gin and grilled meat, a combination, he knew, would cause havoc in any but the most resolute stomachs. As was the music here. Consequently, only spacefarers would buy here. That’s where Andrew’s ‘gut feeling’ came in. Somehow […]

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The Man Who Lived

“So you are the one who didn’t kill me.“ The words hung between the two men for a few long seconds. Both were looking at each other and both seemed oblivious to the noisy surroundings of the bar. Andrew felt uneasy. He had prepared a few words for this situation but none of them seemed […]

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