Ports Of Call

Personal Log, Andrew Gaspurr (Alioth, Irkutsk, 14th November 3301)

My fellow adventurers,
on November 14th 3301 AD the AGS Intrepid finally called port at Irkutsk Capitol in the Alliance system of Alioth. After having been out in the Orion Spur and Perseus Arm for five and a half months the first session in the station was spent in the ‘Dubai Lounge & Bar’. The second was spent waiting patiently in a queue at the Stellar Cartographics Exploration Data ATM.

The Pilgrim’s Path Mission was declared a success, its prime mission statement of traversing the Orion Spur Shallows well beyond NGC 3199 was fulfilled. Along the way, many known and previously unknown stellar phenomena could be visited and explored in various degrees. These were (in order of visitation date):
– HIP 63835 (The ‘Explorer’s Graveyard’)
– The Coalsack Dark Nebula
– Open Cluster NGC 3532
– Open Cluster NGC 3114
– Open Cluster Collinder (Col) 240
– Open Cluster NGC 3590
– The Statue of Liberty Nebula (NGC 3576)
– Open Cluster Collinder (Col) 228
– Open Cluster NGC 3324 & the Eta Carinae Solar System
– Open Cluster NGC 3293
– The Eta Carina Nebula (NGC 3372)
– Open Clusters Trumpler (Tr) 14 & 16
– The Seven Sapphires Cluster (Smojo Sector)
– NGC 3199 Wolf-Rayet Nebula
– Traversing the Far Orion Spur Shallows
– The Vela Ultima Molecular Complex (Hyuedau/Preou Thua Sectors)
– The Hyon Cluster (Hyuedau Sector)
– The Gloomgown Association (Phreia Phoe/Gludgou Sectors)
– The Skull and Crossbones Nebula (NGC 2467)
– Open Clusters Haffner (Haf) 18 & 19
– The Hyperion Cluster (Hypio Phoea Sector)
– Open Cluster NGC 2384
– Open Cluster NGC 2367
– Open Cluster NGC 2374
– Thor’s Helmet (NGC 2359)
– Open Cluster Collinder (Col) 132
– VY Canis Maioris Solar System
– Vela Dark Region

Some statistics:
Departure date: May 30th, 3301 AD
Return date: November 14th, 3301 AD
Hull Status on return: 67%
Systems visited: 2,917
Distance travelled: ~73,000 LY
Rank achievement: Pioneer
Highest payout: 480,011 Credits
Coffee consumed: 6.48 Metric Tons

Next steps:

‘After the trip is before the trip’ as they say. The AGS Intrepid is being overhauled at the moment and I am turning my eyes on a ship that can withstand the rigors of space even better while also providing ample space (and protection) for deep space equipment and maybe the capacity to drop a ground vehicle. Yes, I am planning to go out there again but what I have in mind is a light exploration cruiser. The Alliance uses some to great effect. Their ‘Long Arm Expedition‘ is headed by several Anaconda-class vessels, and even some T-9 Heavy’s, kitted especially to serve in deep and unknown space.

I guess I have to stock up my wallet for this a bit, though. Those biggies do not come cheap and that goes especially for an explorer trying to squeeze out every bit of range. Let’s see how this turns out.


(Editor’s Note: The old Blog version can still be accessed while the contents are rearranged and inserted in episodes into this one.)

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