She lay in the big bed and was breathing silently. They had rented a room for the night; their last night, they knew. They had agreed on it. Next morning they would say their good byes and it was okay. It had been two good months, two beautiful months.

Andrew was silently standing in front of the window and looked at the station’s inner skyline come to life. All was quiet inside the room.

It was all matter-of-factly: Working as an engineer and environmental specialist for the Sirius Corporation meant giving your life to the company. And running data for two dozen contractors while dodging space vagabonds at every corner meant risking your life for other companies. But when the Sirius Corporation ordered a pursuit after Andrew had snatched away a freelance contract they were after as well, things got nasty: They had gone after him and the data he had. And when Sirius tried to check his acquaintances and contacts, loyalties were questioned. It was a harsh world, and you either lived and dealt with it or – quite likely – others dealt with you and you didn’t live with it. Such were the realities.

They had gone over this often but in the end they had decided to go their separate ways. Apparently there was no place for romance and happiness.

Finally Andrew drew away from the window and went into the small kitchen cell to make some coffee. He heard her stir in the bed and when he came back with two steaming mugs of black caffeine she sat upright against one of the big pillows.


“Good morning. The world’s awake already. Care for some coffee?”


“You know, Sanya…”

“Shhh… Don’t.” She ran her fingers across his lips, then had a look at the time display. “Seventy-three minutes of silence, then I have to go.”

“Al right.”

They sat together on the bed, looking out of the window. The huge station’s interior lay before them and already it was bustling with activity. Leaning against each other they drank their coffee and just watched, each of them lost in memories of green. Until it was time…

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