Taking Her Out

“No, Andrew. I just can’t. Too much work to do with all you space folks coming here and asking me to tune their FSD’s. Sometimes I wish I never invented that Arsenic Injection System but then again, I guess, I would just be that grumpy old lady nobody would ever visit in a sun’s lifetime.”

Elvira Martuuk shrugged her ‘don’t care’ shrug and took out one of the larger nanospanners, ready to use up the remaining magnetic coil emitters from the box Andrew had brought her.

“Come on, Elvira. You are overworked and you said yourself the injection system has to attune to the FSD and that it’d take at least two days. When have you been out the last time? You are an explorer and not a techno mole like the ‘Dweller’. And how many on your waiting list?”

Elvira Martuuk, the engineer who became famous overnight for perfecting the field of nanomechanical frame shift injection (NFSI), looked at Andrew desperately: “Well, none really.” But then she pointed the nanospanner at him and added “But you folks turn up anyway, and always without a say. Bang! There you are, Elvira. Care to add some range to my FSD? Look at all that arsenic I brought you. It’s from Jinnywhatsthatplace Four across the Sheldon Gap.”

Andrew had to chuckle. “Preposterous! There is no Sheldon Gap and all the arsenic in the universe can wait for three days.” With that he grabbed Elvira by the shoulder and dragged her to his Asp Explorer, the AGS Intrepid. In fact, she didn’t resist all too much and even threw her nanospanner at one of her unsuspecting engineers. Within 15 minutes, the spook was over and they were entering supercruise with Andrew’s brand new and modded FSD.

“You know, the injector must be attuned to the drive with utmost care. It’s dangerous to do in-flight.”

“Sure, I know. But I’ve been across the Sheldon Gap, you know. I know my stuff.”

And with that Andrew hit the button: “Frame Shift Drive charging…

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