She lay in the big bed and was breathing silently. They had rented a room for the night; their last night, they knew. They had agreed on it. Next morning they would say their good byes and it was okay. It had been two good months, two beautiful months. Andrew was silently standing in front... Continue Reading →

To Find A Friend

One of the dangers of space is being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This can also happen to you in Berlin or San Francisco, but it space you generally cannot afford a miss.

The Man Who Lived

“So you are the one who didn’t kill me.“ The words hung between the two men for a few long seconds. Both were looking at each other and both seemed oblivious to the noisy surroundings of the bar. Andrew felt uneasy. He had prepared a few words for this situation but none of them seemed... Continue Reading →

Last Orders

The face of a young cadet appeared on the holoscreen. He looked quite agitated: “Sir, we have received a priority communication from Sector Logistics Command. Code key is ‘personal’.” Andrew Gaspurr looked up from his displays of market data and analysis graphics showing the commodities trends of the past week. “Put it through, Philips.” “Sir!”... Continue Reading →

The Man From Altair

The man seemed to be in his late thirties and had a frivolous look on him. Like most Altairians his face was heavily freckled, which did quite well with his yellowy orange hair. And like most Altairians who were born in the Years of the Flare he had to wear tinted glasses to make up... Continue Reading →

Of Early Days

Galactic Federation Navy Alpha Quadrant Command Navy Personnel Administrations File File ID: FQRes-XXG37116352 SecLevel: Bravo-3 Subject: Assignment Transfer Contents: 15/01/3300: PO Gaspurr, Andrew J. promoted to CPO Transferred to Navy Sector Logistics Command (SLC), Erawate 15/01/3300: Assignment - establish/invigorate network of local clients and suppliers for the GFN - revision of existing contracts in terms... Continue Reading →

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