A Peculiar Chain Of Events

“Report”, said the Alliance officer from behind his big desk. He may have been in his sixties and had neatly trimmed grey hair. His eyes were very lively and the facial features gave him something hawkish. The two bright blue stars on his rank insigna identified him as a Rear Admiral of the Stratecic Operations... Continue Reading →

Voices From The Past

„Sir, the word is just out in the Alliance Navy. They called off all remaining ships of the Long Arm and ordered them to return to base. Officially, no one will admit it’s been a disaster but rumors among their scouts say otherwise: That it’s been a mess from the very start and ended in... Continue Reading →

The Long Arm

"This is all we could find, sir." "Damn! It's been only seven years and you come up with a scrap of visual data and bits of audio? I ordered all available data from the Alliance Scouting and Explorations Wing concerning this "Long Arm" mission or whatever it was, and I ordered it to be complete... Continue Reading →

Mark Antony

Beta Coronae Austrinae system, May 3295 AD “Why do we drop from supercruise? What’s going on, Lieutenant?” Captain Pryce was barking at the helmsman when he exited his ready room and appeared on the bridge of the Mark Antony. His eyes caught several lights flashing on the damage control console, a few sparks were flying... Continue Reading →

Roll Call

Alliance Captain Pryce entered the briefing room, along with his three senior officers. Despite the short notice they had identified a number of suitable cadets and junior personnel. And now, Litke Port at 07:30 local time, they were all assembled and wondering why they had been assigned to something they presumably had never heard about... Continue Reading →

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