Ports Of Call

My fellow adventurers, on November 14th 3301 AD the AGS Intrepid finally called port at Irkutsk Capitol in the Alliance system of Alioth. After having been out in the Orion Spur and Perseus Arm for five and a half months the first session in the station was spent in the ‘Dubai Lounge & Bar’. The […]

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Clusters And Molecules

The Coalsack is one thing, travelling throughout the Sagittarius spiral arm is another. You begin to see the ‘big picture’ and how all things in space are related to one another. It’s really hard not to give in and divert from one’s course just to see that seemingly unique jewel you have spotted on your […]

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The Not So Bad Badlands

After taking on the IGER assignment to survey the Sagittarius-Carina spiral arm I headed towards the Musca Dark Region and the Coalsack Dark Nebula. I like to see the Coalsack as a crossroads of sorts, because from there you can basically go further coreward, towards the Ophiuchus Dark Region and further towards the Lagoon Nebula, […]

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The Pilgrim Road

I returned three days ago from a two months trip to the NGC 7822 Stellar Nursery,  mapping out YSOs, Black Holes and Neutron Stars. NGC 7822 has a story of its own and surely one day I will put down my version of it. Let it be said that it’s worth the trip. As soon […]

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