Ports Of Call

Personal Log, Andrew Gaspurr (Alioth, Irkutsk, 14th November 3301) My fellow adventurers, on November 14th 3301 AD the AGS Intrepid finally called port at Irkutsk Capitol in the Alliance system of Alioth. After having been out in the Orion Spur and Perseus Arm for five and a half months the first session in the station... Continue Reading →

The Lighthouse

"The circle is now complete!" I recall this quote from some entertainment holovid, can’t remember which, but it was definitely Sci-Fi. Well, I guess the same applies to me and the Pilgrim’s Path. The Perseus Arm is rich in exploratory marvels. It still holds enough gas and dust to give birth to all the different... Continue Reading →

A Sail On The Horizon

I had just settled for the night. Then again, ‘night’ is a difficult term out in space. It's hard to remember that in this forever blackness of space the Human mind is still dependent on cycles of day and night. There are people that keep asking what the must-haves for an exploration vessel are. Some... Continue Reading →

The Orion Spur Traverse

Personal Log, Andrew Gaspurr (Blie Thaa GY-L c7-1, 9th September 3301) So here I am, replotting my route for the sixth time. Why the navigation computer would only let me plot routes a hundred light years ahead is beyond me. However, it's best to be patient and not bang your fists too hard on the... Continue Reading →

Remarkably Unremarkable

Personal Log, Andrew Gaspurr (Smoju EL-P E5-0, 17th August 3301) So, for the best part of last week I crisscrossed the regions beyond the Eta Carina nebula. As soon as you leave the nebula behind the layout of space begins to change dramatically. I made it downwards to -270 LY, climbed again through the ever... Continue Reading →

The Ship’s Keel

Personal Log, Andrew Gaspurr (CPD-58 2625, 17th August 3301) Okay, I have a problem: There are no superlatives left to describe the beauty of the magnificent nebula deep inside the Ship’s Keel constellation: Eta Carina Nebula. When you go out and start exploring space and covering thousands of light years in distance you inevitably run... Continue Reading →

Clusters And Molecules

Personal Log, Andrew Gaspurr (NGC 3590 Sector, 2nd August 3301) The Coalsack is one thing, travelling throughout the Sagittarius spiral arm is another. You begin to see the ‘big picture’ and how all things in space are related to one another. It's really hard not to give in and divert from one’s course just to... Continue Reading →

The Not So Bad Badlands

Personal Log, Andrew Gaspurr (HD 89465, 15th July 3301) After taking on the IGER assignment to survey the Sagittarius-Carina spiral arm I headed towards the Musca Dark Region and the Coalsack Dark Nebula. I like to see the Coalsack as a crossroads of sorts, because from there you can basically go further coreward, towards the... Continue Reading →

The Pilgrim Road

Personal Log, Andrew Gaspurr (Irkutsk, Alioth, 7th June 3301) I returned three days ago from a two months trip to the NGC 7822 Stellar Nursery,  mapping out YSOs, Black Holes and Neutron Stars. NGC 7822 has a story of its own and surely one day I will put down my version of it. Let it... Continue Reading →

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