Darling, I’m Home!

Teaser: On November 1st 3302 AD the AGS Intrepid finally called port at Irkutsk, Alioth system, after having explored the far reaches of the Milky Way for almost eleven months. The details of the Distant Worlds Expedition are still worked on. Stay tuned!

To The Core, Part II

For more than a thousand years the Eagle Nebula - also known as the Star Queen Nebula, the Spire, Messier 16 or NGC 6611 - has been one of the most iconic deep sky objects in astronomy. Its overall shape and makeup, combined with some vivid and masterfully crafted visual images promoted the rise of... Continue Reading →

To The Core, Part I

We know today that the Milky Way is a big place and that we start each and every exploration trip from a pretty normal, some might say underwhelming spot on the galactic disc. But that was not always so. Back in the 20th century scientists based their cosmology models around only one galaxy in the... Continue Reading →


It was the 13th of January 3302 and the fringe colony of Pallaeni was bustling with activity. Bakewell Point was simply crowded and overrun. The facilities were used to cater to a couple of traders, explorers and rogues, the occasional bounty hunter and also one or two Federal Security crews for a day or two.... Continue Reading →

Kamzel Called

The Asp Explorer Intrepid moved into orbit around the brown dwarf at the very outskirts of the system. After a synchronisation manoeuvre she came along portside to a Diamondback in red and grey. The small scout was already waiting in orbit and had its engines and shields powered down to minimize its electromagnetic profile. The... Continue Reading →

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