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Alrai – Alrai is the Arabic name for Gamma Cephei, and it’s the (at least cultural) capital of the Alrai Sector, a stretch of space bustling with all kinds of pioneering activities. Although the sector is predominantly in Federation hands, this has not always been the case. The last Federal thrust into the area, the Alrai Invigoration Program, is not even ten years old and many systems are still fiercely independent.

Several events in Andrew Gaspurr’s early (read: first) career take place in Alrai Sector and there is a chapter dedicated to these early days.

FINREG – Federation Investigative Research Group, supposedly a top secret group tasked to acquire research and technology from foreign factions and introduce and refine these into the various Federation Science Programs. Not surprisingly, there are no records of this group anywhere and operatives are speculated to receive not only thorough scientific but also espionage and counterintelligence training. Since virtually nothing is known about FINREG, any possible links to other organisations like INRA or CIEP can only be guessed at.

Long Arm – The Long Arm was a survey mission of the Alliance Scouting and Exploration Wing (SEW) in 3295. It’s mission was to survey the Corona Austrinae region and investigate the increasing number of solar flares of the orange giant star Beta Coronae Austrinae (or simply Beta C). The expedition ended catastrophically in the same year after a series of ship losses in the area, including the T-9 resupply ship, and the destruction of the Anaconda-class flagship Mark Antony in a Beta C coronal mass ejection. The remaining ships were recalled and delegated to various other military or civilian assignments.

A chapter of this Blog is dedicated to the Long Arm and the mysterious events that may or may not have led to its fatal ending; and maybe its rediscovery…

SEW – (Alliance) Scouting and Exploration Wing. The SEW is part of the Alliance Navy. It is under direct order from Alliance Navy command and primarily engaged in numerous non-military surveys and expeditions in and around Alliance space, including the recently built outposts in the California Nebula. Although primarily a scientific entity, the SEW is also know to have been involved in military operations, providing recon and intel for Alliance combat squadrons in highly specialized ships.

Commanders and Galactic Citizens


Araan Masiun – An Altairian by birth and a somewhat shady person by nature, Araan Masiun fulfills all prejudices people have against shrewd business people. He and Andrew got to know each other in Andrew’s Auxiliary Navy times when they plotted together over the invigoration of parts of the Federation-claimed Alrai Sector.

Additionally to being a born salesperson, Araan is also a skilled navigator and sensor specialist. He seems to have acquired these skills during his career in the Merchant Navy. Not much of his Navy days are known, however, except that he always seems to have chosen assignments close to the Frontier, like Alrai sector, the Hyades or even the Collinder 285 expanse.

Araan’s exact age is unknown, although his birth is reference to the “Year of the Flare”, when a massive and lasting solar flare engulfed pretty much the whole Altair system. Most children born in that year are visually impaired and either wear ocular enhancements or have been treated with sensory surgery. For some reasons Araan chose a pair of tinted glasses that he sometimes wears and sometimes not; which, along with his thick Altairian accent, only adds to his rather ‘off’ behavior.

Cornelius Agrippa – Agrippa is an obscure ex-scientist who worked for a secret Federation espionage project team called FINREG, the Federation Investigative Research Group. At least he maintains that they exist and he had a history with them. According to him, he was extracted by a troupe of the Children of Raxxla in 3301.

Although not his true name, he adopted the name of Cornelius Agrippa at some point in 3302, after coming out of hiding and trying to help the Children with uncovering some of the mysteries the galaxy has in store. Still, he seems to have his own agenda, possibly a legacy from his days at FINREG. This was evidenced when he discreetly let Andrew Gaspurr know of an Alliance survey assignment into a region, a region he himself was strongly interested in.

Agrippa may be in his forties and wears his brown hair and beard neatly trimmed. He has a calm voice and composure and is known to speak multiple Core World dialects fluently.

mir_01Mir – Mir is a mysterious ‘Resource Contractor’ employed by the Children of Raxxla. She is usually summoned when parts of an operation need to be outsourced to freelancers, or when specific people or assets need to be located or relocated fast.

She is known to be distant and aloof, never giving away too much emotion about or attachment to someone or something (if any at all). Her physique is described as ordinary and unobtrusive, one of the faces you see and forget in an instant: Ordinary blonde hair, no makeup, not too womanly features and her build is neither frail nor heavy. Equally unremarkable are her demeanor and speech: No edges, no discernible accent and a matter-of-factly and somewhat laconic language, something that regularly unnerves other members of the Children. No surprise then, that she is mostly left alone doing her business and no one doubts that she is very good, if not downright excellent at it.

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