The Ticket

They had met at the outer fringes of the Oort Cloud of the Lalande 30999 system. The yellow-white sun was only one of the many silver dots against the Milky Way. Apart from some chunks of rock and debris nothing out here even hinted at the fact that they were in a solar system. Andrew... Continue Reading →

While You Slept

Elvira Martuuk had been sitting at the helm for several hours now, lost in thoughts while staring at the bright yellow and white star in the distance. In fact, the distance to the star was huge, nearly 1,800 light seconds. And still it was a huge ball of nuclear fire seemingly at an arm's reach.... Continue Reading →

Three Demons

"We could now turn and set course for the Pleiades," Andrew finally said after they together studied the GalMap and the various roads from there. The Pleiades were one of the most famous star clusters and so to say the sister cluster to the Hyades. Elvira Martuuk looked eager. She had relaxed quite a bit... Continue Reading →

The Sisters

They had decided where to go next. The thing with space - contrary to a graviton highway - is that you can always go in an infinite number of directions, as long as there are stars in range. And since they were still attuning the new Arsenic Injection System to Andrew's Asp, they had many... Continue Reading →

Giant Strides

"So, you old pirate. Where are you taking me?" Elvira Martuuk leaned against the pilot's seat. She was behind him and looked over his shoulder and onto the holographic galaxy map. For the first time in an age, Andrew thought he smelled perfume, even though it was only the faintest trace. No, he was sure.... Continue Reading →

Taking Her Out

"No, Andrew. I just can't. Too much work to do with all you space folks coming here and asking me to tune their FSD's. Sometimes I wish I never invented that Arsenic Injection System but then again, I guess, I would just be that grumpy old lady nobody would ever visit in a sun's lifetime."... Continue Reading →

Darling, I’m Home!

Teaser: On November 1st 3302 AD the AGS Intrepid finally called port at Irkutsk, Alioth system, after having explored the far reaches of the Milky Way for almost eleven months. The details of the Distant Worlds Expedition are still worked on. Stay tuned!

A Peculiar Chain Of Events

“Report”, said the Alliance officer from behind his big desk. He may have been in his sixties and had neatly trimmed grey hair. His eyes were very lively and the facial features gave him something hawkish. The two bright blue stars on his rank insigna identified him as a Rear Admiral of the Stratecic Operations... Continue Reading →

Voices From The Past

„Sir, the word is just out in the Alliance Navy. They called off all remaining ships of the Long Arm and ordered them to return to base. Officially, no one will admit it’s been a disaster but rumors among their scouts say otherwise: That it’s been a mess from the very start and ended in... Continue Reading →

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